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The Cyber Slammers are an unbelievably awesome sub-line of the live-action movie toyline aimed at very young children and people who are awesome. They feature an autotransformation gimmick which is incorporated directly into their slam-down motorized gimmick. The gimmick leaves the Cyber Slammers very stylized compared to other movie toys, with limited articulation and legs that could barely be called anything other than a squashed car.

Fortunately, because Transformers fans are so open-minded, they have embraced the awesomeness of this stylization whole-heartedly, buying crates of these toys to give to their nephews, nieces and neighborhood children. *

The unique slam-down motor gimmick in the Cyber Slammers involves their torso being pushed down into their 'feet', transforming them into vehicle mode. The slamming motion powers the motor, propelling the toy forwards and causing them to spring back up into robot mode. A switch on the bottom of each toy allows you to lock it into vehicle mode for free-rolling play, without the benefit of the motor.

The stylisation and the way in which the gimmick overrides the toys' other features recalls previous toys in the motorised gimmick family of Transformers toys, such as the Throttlebots, Battlechargers and Firecons.


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  • Cyber Slammers may not actually have been embraced as awesome by the fandom, and neighborhood children may have been left to buy their own damn gimmicky toys.
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