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Each Transformers Cybertron toy (excluding Minicons and Legends of Cybertron) come with a Cyber Key to unlock the toy's gimmick. These keys come with codes printed on them which unlocks additional character information on Hasbro's Transformers site.

Codes are listed by key mold. Differences from the standard key for the planet are listed (i.e. planet leaders)

Alternate codes apply to Hasbro's website only, and are not found on any keys.

Earth Planet[]

Armorhide silver s645 Image, text
Brushguard silver s0u6 Image, text
Cannonball silver d2rz Image, text
Crosswise silver d9f2 Image, text
Downshift silver dm8r Image, text
Evac gold v49u Image, text
Hardtop silver s4mm Image, text
Hightail silver s7n5 Image, text
Jetfire silver uk97 Image, text
Landmine silver dr94 Image, text
Lugnutz silver s3y6 Image, text
Mudflap silver v6t7 Image, text
Red Alert silver d26w Image, text
Runamuck silver dw3e Image, text
Scattorshot silver s67k Image, text
Shortround silver s639 Image, text
Smokescreen silver d4v6 Image, text
Sky Shadow silver u06h Image, text
Skywarp silver d02r Image, text
Starscream gold s5a3 Image, text
Swindle silver s4mr Image, text
Thunderblast silver dh62 Image, text
Thundercracker silver d98d Image, text

Speed Planet[]

Blurr silver d0y2 Image, text
Brakedown silver s5f3 Image, text
Brakedown GTS silver s9k1 Image, text
Clocker silver s129 Image, text
Crumplezone silver vj40 Image, text
Dark Crumplezone silver v2r2 Image, text
Dirt Boss silver d3h7 Text
Excellion silver d7p5 Image, text
Hot Shot silver d85b Image, text
Override gold dy7p Image, text
Override GTS gold dj9n Image, text
Ransack unpainted sc92 Image, text
Ransack GTS silver s2w5 Image, text
Swerve silver s12r Image, text

Jungle Planet[]

Backstop silver stw7 Image, text
Brimstone silver d0h3 Image, text
Cryo Scourge silver u3fl Image, text
Dark Scorponok silver u812 Image, text
Leobreaker silver vg08 Image, text
Megatron (BWX Redeco) silver ds9g Image, text
Nemesis Breaker silver v6f5 Image, test
Optimus Prime (BWX Redeco) silver d7s9 Image, text
Overhaul silver s9d7 Image, text
Repugnus silver s48r Image, text
Scourge gold u2m8 Image, text
Snarl silver d43j Image, text
Undermine silver s48a Image, text
Wreckloose silver su39 Image, text

Giant Planet[]

Menasor w/ Heavy Load silver us4r Image, text
Metroplex w/ Drill Bit gold lm74 Image, text
Quickmix w/ Stripmine silver ve37 Image, text


Minicon keys use the Cybertron keys as a base, add a Mini-Con connector, and lack the molded faction sigil. The relevant faction symbol is added as a tampograph, and the border is painted in the faction color.
Buzzsaw Decepticon df58 Image, text
ComicCon Code Autobot, black sc5t Image, text
Cybertron Defense Hot Shot Autobot d1o4 Image, text
Cybertron Defense Red Alert Autobot up0t Image, text
Cybertron Defense Scattorshot Autobot v4kt Image, text
Cybertron Primus Autobot (silver symbol) sp8u Image, text
Demolishor Decepticon Mini-Con dt67 Optimus Deluxe's image, Text
Longrack Autobot d48m Image, text
Optimus Prime (deluxe) Autobot Mini-Con d56b Demolishor's image, text
Scrapmetal (red) Decepticon sf2x Text
Scrapmetal (yellow) Decepticon s1j5 Image, text
Starscream Decepticon s5a3 Image, text
Wing Saber Autobot uya7 Image

Planet X[]

Sideways silver C-023E
Sideways (alternate code) silver dj5l Image, text
Soundwave w/ Laserbeak silver vmj8 Image, text
Unicron silver dgt3 Image, text


Galaxy Force Optimus Prime Matrix lo9x Image, text
Galaxy Force Vector Prime Universal vz74 Image, text
Galvatron Decepticon Leader (Gold) l65x Image, text
Megatron Decepticon Leader lh7d Text
Megatron alternate code 1h7d Image, Text
Optimus Prime Matrix, unpainted l8p3 Text
Optimus Prime alternate code 18p3 Image, text
Recon Mini-Con Team No Key sh26 Image, text
Vector Prime w/ Safeguard Universal v38g Image, text

[Note: The Recon Mini-Con Team does not come with a key, nor was the code included. It is unknown if the Street Speed Mini-Con Team, Giant Planet Mini-Con Team, Shadow Mini-Con Team, the Mini-Con 2-packs, or the retail Legends of Cybertron figures have their own "secret codes".]

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