The Cyber Caliber is one of the relics of the Thirteen, and a creation of Solus Prime. Much like its intended wielder Nexus Prime, the sword could split apart into five separate weapons for his components to wield, or merge into a single exceedingly sharp blade. The sword was said to be able to repair or disassemble any device.


Following the defeat of Liege Maximo, Nexus Prime took custody of the relic and decided it must be hidden away until it could not be done without. He separated himself into five beings, each carrying and guarding a fragment of the Cyber Caliber.

Years later, a newly reformed Nexus Prime granted it to Optimus Prime, who used it to fight Megatron to a standstill on the planet Junkion. After the Requiem Blaster was fired from the Nemesis, the Cyber Caliber had disappeared, blown away by the explosion. After the battle, each of the five Nexus Prime transformers once again took a piece of the sword as they split up and headed out into space in different direcitons.


  • "Cyber Caliber" was once believed to be an obscure alternate name for Cybertron-era Vector Prime's sword, "Rhisling". That may have been true, but if so, the source of the information currently remains lost to the fog of time—or vanishing online content.
  • The name may have been originally inspired by the famous fictional sword, Excalibur. If the original source of the name was Japanese, the English spelling of "Cyber Caliber" (as opposed to "Cyber Calibur") may have come down to a transliteration choice.Cyber Caliber}}
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