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While most Decepticons enjoy trashing Autobots, Cutthroat revels in it. He'll tear a mech to pieces with his bare claws in his bloodthirsty zeal, showing not one iota of mercy. His fighting is so barbaric that it even disturbs other Decepticons, especially considering how much energy he wastes in his frenzies. Still, none of his peers are brave enough to mention anything to Cutthroat for fear that he'll turn his insatiable bloodlust on them.

Cutthroat can combine with the other Terrorcons to form Abominus, although he rather wouldn't because he thinks Abominus is too "tame" for his taste.

French name (Canada): Coupe-Gorge
Italian name: Crudelbot


Cartoon continuity

American cartoon

Voice actor: Tony St. James (US), Show Hayami (Japan)

No mercy shall be shown to Hun-Gurr's foot for stealing his screen time!

In the cartoons, Cutthroat appears to be the most maligned of the Terrorcons, being routinely not included in shots featuring the rest of his gestalt team. Grimlock's New Brain, Money Is Everything, Call of the Primitives, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1, The Rebirth, Part 1, The Rebirth, Part 3

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Japanese Headmasters series

The Headmasters cartoon

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, Approach of the Demon Meteorite, Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger, SOS from Planet Sandra, Head Formation of Friendship, Ultra Magnus Dies!!, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, I Risk My Life for Earth, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2)

Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Expose the Decepticons' Dark Deception!

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Losing an arm didn't slow down Apeface any. Wussie.

Cutthroat and the Terrorcons served Scorponok on Cybertron, and journeyed to Nebulos under his command to conquer the populace and destroy their old foes, Fortress Maximus and his crew. The Terrorcons made a rather poor showing of themselves, however. First, they were driven off by Computron and a pair of Headmasters, despite being backed up by the Horrorcons. Love and Steel! Later, they were the first to feel the enhanced firepower of the Autobot Targetmasters. Cutthroat did all right for himself in that second battle, though, outflying Blurr's hyper-speed trigger finger. Brothers in Armor!

During the Decepticon Civil War, Cutthroat became yet another victim of Buzzsaw's rampage of carnage. Cold War! Some spot-welding, and he was repaired just in time to be blown away by Starscream in Buenos Aires. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2009, Cutthroat and the Terrorcons were running an energy-sapping device on Earth when the temporal storm struck. They convinced their leader Soundwave to travel back in time to take revenge on Rodimus Prime and his crew, but wound up caught in the Time Wars of 1989 instead, joining forces with Rodimus and the modern Transformers under the command of Fortress Maximus and Scorponok against the power of Galvatron. Hopelessly overwhelmed by the mad Decepticon, Soundwave and the Terrorcons cut out, transporting themselves back to the future. Their fate after the time storm rebooted the future of the timeline is uncertain. Time Wars

IDW comics continuity

We're much more fun than the Reapers! We're scary-looking, yet visually pleasing, and coming up with ideas on Blot's beast mode is hours of fun!

Cutthroat and the other Terrorcons were deployed to Mumu-Obscura, but were taken prisoner by the Reapers to lure Sixshot to the planet. The Reapers offered membership to their little club so long as Sixshot destroyed the Terrorcons. When they thought Sixshot was seriously considering the offer, Cuttthroat and Hun-Gurrr tried to persuade Sixshot that the Decepticon war machine didn't need the Reapers, as he already had a group of misfit friends in the Terrorcons. After Sixshot declined the invitation, the Reapers allowed the Decepticons to leave in peace. Spotlight: Sixshot


Generation One

  • Cutthroat (1987)
    • Team ID number: TR3
    • Japanese ID number: D-81
    • Accessories: "Double-Barrelled Magnetizer"

Birdy the mighty

Cutthroat transforms into hawk monster thing. His wings, legs and neck are articulated, so one can put him in a flying pose. He can form the leg or arm of any Scramble City-type combiner, though he is nominally Abominus's right arm. He can also attach to Metroplex' robot mode.
There is a variant of Cutthroat which does not have the rubsign indent.
  • Abominus (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-84
Cutthroat was also available in a giftset with the rest of the Terrorcons.

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