Cube is a Cybertronian sport resembling the Earth sporting ritual known as rugby. It involves pursuing a cube filled with energon and with rudimentary artificial intelligence.Teams consist of six players to a side, four in robot mode and two in vehicle mode, and the objective is to hold on to the energon-filled cube for a set amount of time, at which point it allows the player to absorb the energon boost inside as their team scores a point.


Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy

"Recruits Part I"

Hot Shot and his friends enjoyed the game of Cube, although Hot Shot's playing style sometimes left his friends frustrated. When Optimus Prime recruited Hot Shot to join the Rescue Bots, Hot Shot proposed they play a match of Cube, but Optimus relucted.

"Recruits Part II"

Optimus later suggested Hot Shot consider what he'd do if a game of Cube depended on his scoring, and apply that to his rescue work. 

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