The Cub is a Predacon in an alternate future of the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family

The Cub is blessed with a natural talent for warfare and wanton destruction. It's what he was born to do, and as a novice training to become one of Shokaract's heralds, he's out to both further himself, honor his family, and, of course, help enslave and exterminate any who oppose his master's will.

The Cub's wolf mode is armed with tungsten claws and titanium teeth. His nose gives him an almost infallible tracking ability, which he hones by hunting rebels hiding in the sub-city levels. His robot mode is capable of short flight via jets located in the soles of his feet. By far, however, the Cub's greatest weapon his his feral berserker rage. While in "lupus" mode, the Cub can be completely overtaken by his instincts, fighting with a maddened savagery no opponent can match.

Ironically, the Cub's own vast natural talent may be his greatest weakness, as he's never had to face a challenge on the battlefield his feral rage hasn't been able to overwhelm. As a result, his overwhelming offense remains his best—-and only-—defense. Facing an opponent that can counter his berserker attack style, the Cub will learn this lesson very quickly...if he survives.

Heralds seem to be given names[1] when sworn in. As a novice studying to be a Herald, it's possible "The Cub" is just descriptive nickname for a Transformer that lacks an actual name.


Reaching the Omega Point The Cub's fission-brother Cataclysm took him under his wing to train him in preparation for the Ko-tu (the rite of passage for becoming a herald.)

The Cub was pitted against The Veteran, an experienced rebel fighter. The Cub failed to assassinate his designated target, and instead limped home, the consequence of failure being death. The execution fell on Cataclysm who made a point of tearing his brother apart slowly and systematically: both so that none could accuse him of growing soft, and also because an unduly quick kill would have pointed out the Cub's weaknesses so graphically as to dishonor their hereditary line. The Cub was blinded, had his arm blown off, then was left to die.

His still-functioning remains were recovered by Predacon rebels under the command of Sandstorm, who persuaded the Veteran to attempt to merge sparks with the Cub's so that they could acquire his inside knowledge of Shokaract's plans. The Veteran did so, and a new being called Windrazor was created. After the merge, the Cub's consciousness struggled with the Veteran's for dominance until they accepted one another and became a single individual. However, there remained a separation of identity between the two, which allowed them to fight back when Windrazor was possessed by Unicron. This separation complex was embodied in their minds as a recreation of their battle above the Cybertron Badlands.

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