The Crystal Guardians are the ancient protectors of Crystal City.


Members Include:


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

The Crystal Guardians were an ancient group of Transformers that originated from the Crystal City in an era where they stood alongside other groups such as the Patterners and the Disciples of the Thirteen. In that era on Cybertron, there existed an artifact known as the Dark Spark with both the Patterners and the Disciples debating on its origins. However, it was the Crystal Guardians who decided to take action after seeing the dark relics destructive power and came to the conclusion that it needed to remain hidden forever. Thus, they hid it deep in an underground vault and the Crystal Guardians placed a number of their warriors in stasis to keep watch over it as well as to prevent others from seeking it. During the Great War, Megatron came to believe in the legend of the Dark Spark and dispatched Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream to acquire it. The Decepticons traveled into the underground vault and saw the Crystal City Guardians being awakened from their slumber. They then fought the invaders to prevent them from acquiring the Dark Spark, but would be defeated by the intruders.

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