RID15app Cryostase-robot

Cryostase is one cool dude. Not much of a fighter, he's more the type to hang back and help out at the base.


Robots in Disguise mobile game

Cryostase is not a playable character or even a "helper" like the Mini-Cons. Instead, he is part of a new feature introduced in its September 2016 update. Scanning Combiner Force toys (which had neither been released or even officially announced at that point) gives the player Tickets, which can be spent by giving them to Cryostase via the main map menu. Doing so can permanently unlock a random not-yet-unlocked character from the (very large) roster of playable characters.


  • He appears to transform into a stasis pod (aka cryo-chamber), albeit one with folded-up robot limbs hanging off him.
  • Cryostase is an original character created for the game, as he never appeared in the cartoon and/or having a toy.
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