Crustaceans from the Cosmos is a radio play that aired seventy years ago. It related the story of enormous lobsters (or possibly crabs) landing and attacking the curious humans who came to investigate their vessel. The radio play was mistaken for a legitimate news report by listeners, causing widespread panic.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Ghost in the Machine"

Cody Burns' history teacher played Crustaceans from the Cosmos for the class, and the boy later replayed part of it for the Rescue Bots. When Evan and Myles later learned the Rescue Bots secret and threatened to expose them to the world, Cody was inspired by the radio play to have the town produce an obviously-fake video that would discredit their evidence.


  • The radio play also apparently includes a performance by Tiny Umberto and his Orchestra.
  • It's also a reference to the Orson Welles version of The War of the Worlds, complete with a Welles impression from Maurice LaMarche.
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