350px-TrueColors Crown River Dam

The Crown River Dam is a large fully-automated dam located on Crown River. It supplies electricity to Crown City.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In As the Kospego Commands!, when Thunderhoof's followers were unable to secure a generator for his space bridge, Thunderhoof headed to the dam to steal a generator from there. Though the Autobots attempted to protect the generator, Sideswipe's goofing off left Grimlock as the generator's sole guardian. Thunderhoof easily demolished the Dinobot and took the generator.

In True Colors, Steeljaw and Thunderhoof moved in to the dam and used it as a temporary hideout, as Thunderhoof was looking for somewhere bigger. While under the control of Minitron, Grimlock took Underbite's stasis pod from the scrapyard and took it to the dam. Unfortunately for him, the rest of Team Bee tracked Grimlock there and fought with him and Steeljaw. Steeljaw managed to make off with the stasis pod during the fight, while the Autobots caught Minitron.

In Out of Focus, the Autobots tracked Malodor and his gang of Skunkticons to the dam. When the ensuing battle moved to the upper floor, Grimlock damaged the dam controls, triggering a flood release. Bumblebee was able to prevent the water release with Fixit's help, and Team Bee pursued the Skunkticons into the maintenance tunnels and captured them.

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