800px-WWOD Crown City Museum of Natural History and Sciences

Crown City Museum of Natural History and Sciences, located in Crown City, has all manner of exhibits on topics, such as American history, the natural world, and space. It may or may not have new animatronic robots.


In W.W.O.D.?, a Decepticon's stasis cell was discovered and taken to the museum where human scientists studied it and they planned to open it up. The Autobots found out and Denny came up with a plan to disguise himself as a famous noted explorer with his son who was also in disguise. Denny was able to clear the museum of human personnel, which allowed the Autobots to hunt inside the museum for the stasis cell and Russell soon discovered, just as Terrashock broke out of it. Terrashock causes a rampage through the museum and damaged most of its exhibits. Bumblebee was nearly exposed as an alien until Denny and Russell covered it up by telling the people who saw Bumblebee outside of the museum that he was part of the museum's animatronic exhibit. The exhibits in the museum were out of Terrashock's reach and the Autobots managed to capture him. The museum was most likely shut down due to violence and destruction caused by Terrashock's Rampage.


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