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Crown City is a large city featured in Transformers: Robots in Disguise. It is notable for its large size and its proximity to Denny Clay's scrapyard and the crash site of the Alchemor.


In Pilot (Part 1), the prison ship Alchemor crash-landed in the rural regions outside of Crown City. As a result, many of the freed Decepticons opted to hide out in Crown City, disguising themselves as local machinery and vehicles and hiding from both humans and Autobots.

In Pilot (Part 2), Underbite headed for Crown City and was close to devouring the city until he was stopped by Bumblebee and his team.

The oil tanker Windward was attacked by Hammerstrike off the coast near Crown City in Trust Exercises.

In More than Meets the Eye, Russell Clay looks through a telescope to view Crown City.

In W.W.O.D.?, a stasis pod was found and taken to the Crown City Museum of Natural History and Sciences for study, forcing Bumblebee and his team to infiltrate the museum, though they later had to chase Terrashock down.

In Collect 'Em All, Filch stole various shiny things from around the city.

In Can You Dig It?, Ped's incessant tunneling undermined parts of the city, and only the secret intervention of the Autobots prevented the formation of a massive sinkhole.

In Sideways, Bumblebee's team tracked down Clampdown, who was hiding in the city's sewer system. The Autobots later tangled with Steeljaw's gang in a waste processing facility located on the outskirts of Crown City.

In Some Body, Any Body, the mad scientist Vertebreak rebuilt his laboratory in Crown City's subway system after taking a subway train alternate mode. He was later apprehended by the Autobots after he abducted Sideswipe for his experiments.

In The Champ, Groundpounder and his manager Headlock disguised themselves as construction vehicles and laid low at a construction site. They eventually entered a demolition derby at Crown City's Rumbledome, where they were challenged and defeated by Grimlock.

Notable Locations

Background Information

  • Crown City shares its name with an actual city in Ohio and a fictional city from the cartoon series Arthur based on the book series of the same name by Mark Brown.