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Crowbar is a member of the Dreads.


Dark of the Moon film


Crowbar closed in on Seymour Simmons' car, transformed, reached in and tossed the former Sector Seven agent behind him as he bounded ahead to knock over a highway sign. However, despite their best collective efforts, Hatchet was quickly killed.


The remaining Dreads were soon confronted by the Autobot heavy-hitter, Ironhide, who stopped them in their tracks with a head-on collision, resulting in a Mexican stand off with Crowbar on Ironhide's left, Crankcase on Ironhide's right, and Sideswipe between Crowbar and Crankcase. Faced with Ironhide's heavy weapons and Sideswipe, the Dreads seemingly capitulated by dropping their ranged weapons, but as soon as the Autobots followed suit, both Decepticons activated the spears on their backs. Crowbar launched a spear towards Ironhide, which embeded into Ironhide's shoulder. Crowbar then leaped to attack Ironhide while Crankcase launched his spear towards Sideswipe. Both Decepticons failed when Sideswipe knocked Crankcase's spear away and tossed Ironhide his discarded blaster, which was used to shoot Crowbar in the face. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon video game

Crowbar is the second playable character in the Dark of the Moon Decepticons campaign. He shows up for levels Desperation Play, Hostile Territory, Freedom Run and Seige Engines. He battles Ironhide near the end of Desperation Play and Bumblebee in Freedom Run.


  • Crowbar (Legion 2011)
The toy of Crowbar doesn't turn into the black Chevy suburban as he does in the film. Instead, he turns into a blacked out BMW-esque Security/Police vehicle, similar to Crankcase in the Dark of the Moon video game. In humanoid mode, he is actually quite tall for a Legion/Legends figure, almost the same height as Commander class Blackout. He also has four eyes.


  • In the film, Crankcase was the one shown activating the spears on his back, but the first spear to be thrown was actually from Crowbar towards Ironhide. Crowbar's spears were activated at the same as Crankcase's, but this was not shown to the audience. Crankcase's spear was the second to be thrown, towards Sideswipe.
  • He apparently has some history with Bumblebee, stating "I hate that shiny little twerp" in Dark of the Moon: Decepticons video game.
  • He makes the same noise as Bonecrusher when he hits the sign.
  • Why the toys of the Dreads have different altmodes is unknown.
  • Due to a possible error in the game Dark of the Moon, Crowbar becomes an Chevrolet Suburban in the walktroughs and a BMW (as in the toy line) in the event scene.
  • There is a way to make Crowbar's toy more film-accurate. Instead of posing his legs the way that the instructions indicate, they can be flipped around with his knees pointing backward. This will not only make him shorter and more to scale with Crankcase but it will also give him the reverse knees seen in the movie.
  • Like Crankcase & Hatchet, his appearance has something to do with Predator. In his case, he bears resemblance to a PredAlien.