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The name or term Crosswise refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Crosswise (disambiguation).

Crosswise is one of the elite Spy Changers, and is a scientist. He is good at manipulating gravity.

Japanese name: X-Car
Russian name: Umnik (Умник, "Smart one")


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Dan Woren (English), ?? (Japanese)

Displaying about twelve points of articulation not found on the actual toy.

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Robots in Disguise

  • X-Car (Spy Changer, 2000)
    • Japanese ID number: C-008
    • Accessories: Cross Blaster
A redeco of the Generation 2 Go-Bots High Beam mold. He features through-axle construction, allowing for super-speedy racing on smooth surfaces, and his car mode is compatible with many tracks and playsets from Hot Wheels and Matchbox. His black windshield has heat-sensitive paint that reveals an Autobot insignia, in a method similar to the original rubsigns.
This mold was also used to make the Generation 2 Go-Bot versions of Bumblebee and BotCon-exclusive Nightracer.
  • Spy Changer DX6 (Multi-pack, 2000)
    • Japanese ID number: C-011
    • Accessories: Cross Blaster
All six Spy Changers were not only sold as individuals in Japan, but in a six-piece gift set as well.
  • X-Car clear version (Spy Changer, 2000)
    • Accessories: Cross Blaster
An exclusive redeco of X-Car in transparent blue and red plastics, this version was only available from Jusco stores in Japan as a direct-mail premium to members of their "Peppy Kids Republic" (元気キッズ共和国, Genki Kidzu Kyōwakoku), a sort of subsidiary/offshoot for selling baby goods and children's clothing. Since membership was open only to kids 12 and under and this version was shipped blind-packed, getting the entire set of six was extremely difficult.
  • Crosswise & W.A.R.S. (Spy Changer, 2001)
    • Accessories: Gun
Available only in a two-pack with W.A.R.S., the Hasbro version of Crosswise. replaces the heat-sensitive insignia with a normal Autobot insignia tampograph on the roof of the car. He also features three extra red stripes: one on his spoiler and two underneath the doors.

RID Crosswise Toy.JPG

  • Crosswise (Spy Changer, 2002)

All six original Spy Changers were redecoed in colorless-clear plastics (keeping their normal paint applications, though), and released on individual cards through Kay-Bee Toys chains.

Special attacks

  • Tracker Beam


  • No, his Japanese name is X Car, not Racer X.

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