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Crosswise is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Oh, friend John, it is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles.

Crosswise is a monster hunter, and shares the following attributes of all the better practitioners of his craft:

  • Lots of weaponry for every occasion,
  • A tough, no-nonsense attitude,
  • A propensity to dress in kewl black,

He sometimes calls himself Smokescreen.

Japanese name: Autovolt
Russian name: Diumovik (Дымовик, "Smoker")


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Michael Donovan (US), Kenichi Mochizuki (Japan)

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Eons ago, reportedly Crosswise captured and imprisoned lots of Decepticon "monsters" in a crazy egg-cave-place on Earth.

He was subsequently entombed in ice himself, till some humans freed him.

Crosswise's first thought on being de-iced was frantic concern over his imprisoned "monsters", and so he rushed to the prison site to check on them. It turned out that the hundreds of Decepticons had stayed put quite nicely... until Starscream found the prison by following the oblivious Crosswise, and promptly liberated all the prisoners to serve as his personal army.

Nice goin', Crosswise.



  • Crosswise (Deluxe Class, 2006)
Japanese ID number: GC-17

I've come to slay your monster.

Cybertron Crosswise transforms into a Bugatti EB 15.4 Veyron sports car. Though the design is modified to avoid licensing and legal problems it is also quite realistic, compared to some of the other Earth vehicles in the Cybertron line. The spoiler is a spring-loaded missile launcher that can fire a translucent blue flame-shaped projectile. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key in his tailgate makes a pair of missile racks pop up from the engine bay and flip over onto his roof.
Crosswise features a fairly complex transformation sequence hearkening back to Robots In Disguise Side Burn in how the robot wears most of the vehicle like a shell, though Crosswise's robot mode resembles the classic 'hood-chest' style of Autobot cars. Compared to most other Cybertron toys (and continuing his favorable comparison to the RID toys), most of his joints allow an excellent range of movement due to extensive use of ball joints and a relatively unencumbered body design. Inserting the Cyber Planet Key flips the missile racks onto his shoulders beside his head, evoking a similar appearance to Generation One characters such as Prowl. Two more guns are molded into his inner running boards, and can be deployed beside his hips. Crosswise's Cyber Planet Key has the Cyber Key Code "d9f2" tampographed on its back, which when entered into Hasbro's Cybertron website, reveals additional information about the character as well as the character image seen at the top of this article.
The are some minor deco differences between the Takara Galaxy Force Autovolt release and Crosswise. The Autovolt version has entirely gold painted hands, silver detailing on his missile racks and more of his rear lights painted.
Crosswise was later redecoed into Cybertron Smokescreen and Movie Jolt, and remolded into Timelines Jazz and Ricochet.



  • In Crosswise's early appearances on the Cybertron cartoon, he was called Smokescreen, as this was an early name for the character that had apparently lasted long enough to appear on dubbing studio Voicebox's scripts. The name was soon replaced by his proper one, but the earlier name did provide inspiration for the later Smokescreen redeco of Crosswise's toy.

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