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Crosswise is a Unicron-allied Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

I don't get paid enough for being a head.

Crosswise is a walking pile of bad luck... for other people. He's certainly a bit clumsy on his own, but anytime he's around, things fall over, machinery shorts out, and things just generally go bad. His allies Sideways and Rook tell him he's a spy, but really, he's just out there to mess things up for everyone else.

Japanese name: Shadow


Animated continuity

Crosswise never appeared as an individual Mini-Con; he was only ever shown as Sideways's Decepticon-head, or as part of the combined rider-robot Mirror.

Dreamwave comics continuity

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  • Sideways w/ Rook & Crosswise (Super-Con, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MX-01
Available only with Armada Sideways and Rook, Crosswise's primary altmode is a head unit for Sideways' robot mode. By inserting the robot-mode arms into holes in Sideways' torso, a faction sigil is displayed in Sideways' chest. He also forms the lower half of the combined Mini-Con robot Mirror (unnamed in the Hasbro line) with Rook.
The original Hasbro Sideways setup had Crosswise as the Autobot-sigil-revealing head, but an error in the television series' animation depicted Crosswise as the Decepticon head and Rook as the Autobot head. Hasbro made a running change so the toy reflected the series' faction alignments. Hasbro also made a slight change to Crosswise's deco, changing the salmon highlights on his legs to purple. The Takara version uses this setup, and has no significant differences from the latter Hasbro Crosswise.
This mold was used to make Energon Nightcruz.


  • In the Robot Masters series, Sideways (aka "Doubleface") is said to have "Bright" and "Shadow" programs which help him... do... things. Yeah. Any rate, this is a reference to the Japanese names of his two Mini-Con partners.

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