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Megatron and Prime go through the whole evil/heroic banter schtick, while Cliffjumper is suspicious.

Transformers Fanclub #17

Writer: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot, Jake Isenberg
Lettering: Junemoon Studio
Colors: Josh Perez
Editor: Pete Sinclair

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


"This is really getting old."
―Mirage is so right

While Prime fights Megatron, Grimlock fights the Constructicons, Jetfire dogfights Starscream, and Hot Rod and Mirage corner Soundwave, Soundwave reports via Ravage's intel that Landquake has betrayed them. Though the Decepticons try to leave the battle to chase after the mysterious power source underground, the Autobots impede their movement.


Which body part am I?

Below, Cliffjumper and Landquake discover a pool of liquified energon. Skyfall is more concerned with the wall carvings depicting a robot that matches the design he saw on his dimension's Cybertron. As the battle above roars nearer, Breakaway asks calmly that they retreat further. Though Cliffjumper worries that this is all a Decepticon trick, he decides to follow Skyfall, Landquake, and Breakaway further into the cave.

Meanwhile, more fighting happens above.


Items of note

  • Though the Caretaker has its first dialog here, it is not named until Part 6.

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