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Landquake finds himself at the mercy of Decepticons from another timeline.

Transformers Fanclub #14

Plot: Forest Lee, Dan Khanna
Script: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot, Jake Isenberg
Lettering: Tim Smith
Colors: Josh Perez


Between the end of the previous installment and the beginning of this installment, the Decepticons had returned to their base with Landquake, while Skyfall is assumed to have returned to the Ark with the Autobots. The Decepticons are less than kind to Landquake, who is bound to a chair, interrogated, and inspected. He tells them the story of how he was originally from another dimension and how he ended up in this one; Megatron is intrigued, but Starscream insists it is all lies. Soundwave and Scrapper's findings back up Landquake's claims. Starscream backtalks again, and is struck down by Megatron.

Scrapper interrupts to alert Megatron to an anomaly in South America that is giving readings identical to the radiation wavelength that Landquake emits. After suggesting that Shockwave might be of use in this situation, Scrapper is threatened by Megatron. The Decepticon leader tells Starscream to gather his Seekers, for the Decepticons are headed to South America to investigate the anomaly.

During their journey, the Decepticons are greeted by a fleet of human-piloted fighter jets. The Decepticons take action.



Items of note

  • This storyline takes place after the Marvel Comics continuity, but in an offshoot timeline that did not include the Generation 2 series or the Marvel UK-exclusive stories.
  • This chapter is narrated by Landquake, who notes his uneasy alliance with the Decepticons. "I am no longer a Decepticon. Power is not my purpose, conquest is not my meaning. This war is not my war." Still, he gives in to Megatron's wishes to keep himself from being destroyed.
  • If this is the US Marvel Comics continuity, Soundwave should really be purple, shouldn't he?
  • Megatron implies that he has incapacitated Shockwave in some humiliating way, but is keeping him alive.
  • Yes, Megatron uses the term "Seekers."
  • The RUNTs mention "General Barnett." This is assumed to refer to Walter Barnett, former head of RAAT.

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