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Skyfall and Landquake arrive in a new universe and face a frightening new enemy.

Transformers Fanclub #13

Plot: Forest Lee, Dan Khanna
Script: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot
Lettering: Tim Smith
Colors: Krista Ward, Joe Givens


Immediately upon arriving in a new universe, Skyfall and Landquake are threatened by the powerful Megatron, who delights in their sudden appearance before him; he has been given the gift of being able to kill them. Before Megatron can kill them, however, he is distracted by a team of humans in RUNTs (Armored Robot Hunters).

Though Skyfall is far from a warrior, he takes pity on the humans and tries to convince Landquake to help them. Landquake is too confused by this new setting and this new unfamiliar Megatron, so Skyfall charges Megatron alone. Inevitably, Skyfall is hit by Megatron's cannon and thrown far.

Megatron returns to the two dimension-hoppers with his promise to kill them, but again is interrupted by another group -- Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Jetfire, and Mirage.


Items of note

  • This storyline takes place after the Marvel Comics continuity, but in an offshoot timeline that did not include the Generation 2 series.
  • After Megatron introduces himself, Skyfall assumes this is the Megatron from his own universe, since he has probably only heard of him. Landquake, having served under that other Megatron for years, is merely confused, wondering where he is. Neither seem to know (yet) that they dimension-hopped.
  • Megatron's orange is colored as gold instead. That sucks.
  • The RUNTs may have something to do with RAAT, the military task force dedicated to destroying the Transformers, but probably not. The R.A.A.T. program was ended, and it's possible this group is working with the Autobots.
  • Skyfall's forcefield power fails him for the first time due to a direct shot from Megatron's cannon. As Skyfall says, "that guy hits amazingly hard."
  • And finally, of course, Prime and his Autobots are in their Transformers Classics bodies.

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