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This article is about the Autobot ambassador. For the Decepticon soldier, see Crosscut (Decepticon).

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Specifics: Fiction, toy

Crosscut is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

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The Autobot ambassador to many worlds, Crosscut and his partner Road Rage were sent to Earth on secret orders to work with the human governments on establishing Autobot City on Earth. He is fluent in over 230 Earth languages and 6300 alien languages. Though he carries a lot of weaponry, it is all defensive in nature, meant to incapacitate rather than kill. In dire emergencies, he can transfer all his data and memories to his scooter-drone Clutch so his knowledge won't be lost even if he falls to the Decepticons.


Universe: The Wreckers comics

Crosscut is one of the crewmembers of Sojourner's Passage, one of several starships sent out by Rodimus Prime to explore the universe and establish recon points. He was presumably killed when the ship crashed onto Archa Nine.


Generation One

  • Crosscut (Autobot, 2002)
    • Japanese ID number: 95
    • Accessories: "Clutch" drone, "Electromagnetic pulse emitter" rifle, "twin vertigo gun" double-blaster, "stun grenade" launcher, 3 "stun grenades"
Crosscut is a retool of Skids, transforming into a Honda City R hatchback with a different head and hood. He also comes with a "scooter" accessory named "Clutch" that fits in his hatchback. As he was a Japanese release, his spring-loaded missile launcher is fully functional. Crosscut was an exclusive to e-Hobby, sold only in a set with Road Rage.


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  • Crosscut and Road Rage are notable for being the first "new" additions to the Generation One-era cast of characters after the original line ended since the short-lived Machine Wars series. This also started the general trend toward e-Hobby releases being new characters rather than old characters in new colors.
  • Crosscut's "new" head and coloration are based on one of the original pre-Transformers Diaclone versions of the "Honda City R" mold. The original version was only available in a "double set" with a blue version of the "4WD Hi-Lux Wrecker" (pre-Hoist) that was also only available in that set.
  • There is evidence that this version of the mold was the one originally intended to be released in the original Transformers line rather than the "Honda City Turbo" model that would become Skids. The original Skids' instructions have the Crosscut mold's line-art, and in the Marvel UK comic, artist Andrew Wildman drew Skids with Crosscut's head in several panels. It's possible the Turbo model was chosen because its face was more human-looking (to go along with the generally more humanized faces the characters were given in the cartoon), but this is merely speculation.

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