This article is about the Maximal. For the Generation One Autobot, see Crossblades (G1).

Crossblades is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

She is proud of her excellent aim.

Crossblades is, in many ways, the exact opposite of her partner Stiletto. She is old; in fact, she was among the very first generation of Maximals. She is loud and informal and, frankly, finds the war pretty pointless and depressing.

She is, however, just as effective in combat as her teammate, and although her personal built-in weapons are a pair of swords, she also carries in her wings the fruits of her one overriding passion: an arsenal of weapons selected and improved from those used —by both sides— in the long Autobot-Decepticon wars.



Among the weapons in her collection are an electro-scrambler rifle like Mirage's, a liquid nitrogen cannon, and a Fusion cannon replica she would confiscate from a Megatron Knockoff with a flaming chest.

Betcha Ironhide never used that rifle for dumping waste on Predacon fools, or posting the video of this incident on the Cybernet. The Razor's Edge

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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