This article is about the Autobot. For the Beast-era Maximal, see Crossblades (Timelines).

Crossblades could probably stand to shut up about what a great pilot he is, both on land and in the air. He could also maybe not corner everyone he knows and regale them with every fascinating detail about every addition he makes to his vast and obsessively maintained arsenal. His friends would have an easier time pointing these things out if Crossblades weren't such a legitimately dedicated and hard-working bot, but for now they're resigned to suffer.


Marvel Comics continuity

In an alternate future, Crossblades was one of the few surviving Autobots. As part of a desperate last-ditch raid, he was assigned to destroy the force field generator protecting Galvatron's New York City installation. Despite a barrage of weapons-fire and the destruction of his primary rotor, Crossblades managed to crash into the generator, destroying it at the cost of his own life. Rhythms of Darkness!


Generation One

  • Crossblades (Mega Pretender, 1989)
    • Accessories: Pretender shell, Thermal Cannon/tail section, 2 small lasers, wing laser/chest plate, 2 landing gear (left & right)
Crossblades transforms into what is allegedly a Cybertronic "dragster". His outer Pretender Shell resembles a large armored human, and can transform into a helicopter. Crossblades can be stored inside his Shell in either of his modes, and his vehicle mode can combine with the shell to form a helicopter with a Cybertronic "dragster" sticking out of its front.
This mold was retooled to make Blue Bacchus.

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