Bumblebee criticises the size of the Decepticon's weapons!

Optimus Prime struggles to maintain discipline when a group of Autobots want to use the Matrix to build an army of super warriors. Then Bumblebee is captured by the Decepticons.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 42-44
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Marvel UK issues #42-44

Writer: Mike Collins (42 & 44), James Hill (43)
Art: Geoff Senior (42 & 43), John Stokes (44)
Letters: Mike Scott
Colours: Steve Whitaker (42), Gina Hart (43 & 44)
Editor: Ian Rimmer


A group of Autobots led by Prowl petition Optimus Prime to create an army of super warriors to defeat the Decepticons. Things become heated when they confront those who are against the plan. Optimus Prime is riddled with doubt after recent events. He eventually turns down the proposal but feels that those in favour are dissatisfied with his decision. He is unaware that he is being observed by Ravage who has infiltrated the Ark.

Amazed to see Optimus Prime uncertain, Ravage deliberately sets off the alarms. After a short battle Ravage is captured by the Autobots. He quickly manages to escape his cell and returns to the Decepticons.

Bumblebee discovered that Ravage had escaped and reported the matter to Optimus Prime, giving Prowl and his group even more ammunition to use against Prime. Upset at how low Prime has sunk, Bumblebee decides to try and recapture Ravage by himself. Unfortunately he is quickly captured by the Decepticons — they had been planning all along to have Ravage captured and escape, so that they could lure any Autobots who pursued him into a trap. They plan to use him to draw Optimus Prime to them. They rip off Bumblebee's arm and have Laserbeak deliver it to the Ark and instruct Prime to come and recover the rest of him alone.

Prime agrees and sets off alone, only to be ambushed by the Seekers and Rumble. Prime single-handedly defeats his attackers and makes his way to the Decepticon Fortress. He then defeats Soundwave and Laserbeak and rescues Bumblebee.

After returning to the Ark, Prime feels better about himself and officially ends all discussion of super warriors.


  • Hound is shown standing with the Autobots opposed to Prowl's plan and later mentions that he and the Prowl-aligned Mirage disagree about methods. But on leaving the meeting, he comments "Optimus is being too pessimistic about the outcome", as though he was on the other side.
  • Trailbreaker is briefly glimpsed leaving the meeting, coloured yellow and red.
  • The first panel of Part 3 shows Sunstreaker among the Autobots with Optimus Prime. He is normally depicted as deactivated at this point.

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Yes it has been reprinted before, whatever Titan Books may want.

  • This story was reprinted in Collected Comics #8 in Spring 1988. A new cover was drawn for the issue.
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