Crisis is a PvE Objective-based co-op mode (2-4 players) in Transformers Universe.


  • Access Crisis mode from the portals in the outer base areas. (In the last update Crisis mode could be accessed from within the base areas)
  • Fulfill various objectives to remove the shield barriers that obstruct progress through the map.
  • Survive against hordes of Terrorcons.
  • Travel through the map to confront the final boss, which must be defeated to complete the mode.



  • Ensure you have at least one healer on your team.
  • Stay close to your teammates to avoid being overwhelmed by the Terrorcons.
  • Press the 7 key to scan for mining sites when you need to deplete the shield barrier's fuel, then press the F key at a site to deploy a mining probe.
  • There is a limit to how much Energon you can carry, and you will lose it if you die - remember to deposit your collected Energon at the Deposit Points located around the map.
  • Use Energon to build Turrets and Repair Stations at the construction nodes, to help your team survive against the Terrorcons.
  • Equip your warrior with higher-grade mining probes to maximize your Energon haul.


  • Tips and rules are directly from the Game guide on the official Transformers Universe website.
  • There were numerous exploits, one that enabled players to skip directly to the boss from the start in both maps. Another exploit of harvesting "score" to climb the leaderboard from grinding Terrorcons.
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