Crisis! Ambush in the Desert is the twenty-first episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on September 12, 1989 on Nippon TV.



The Brainmasters stumble into a Decepticon trap in the desert, but luckily for them, Greatshot is on hand to help.


Deciding to visit the Autobots on Earth, the weary Greatshot arrives on the planet and spends the night sleeping in a seaside cave. Awakening the next morning, he looks out over the ocean... only to have the Thunder Arrow suddenly burst out of the water!

Meanwhile, the Autobots, currently stationed on the Tibetian Plateau, receive word of an attack by the Dinoforce on an oil field in the desert. With Blacker confident that the Dinoforce will pose little problem, the Brainmasters head out aboard Galaxy Shuttle with the Rescue Team, while Star Saber remains on standby in the Shuttle Base. Gōryū immediately spots the airborne Autobots as they fly towards the oil field, but merely smirks, instructing the Dinoforce to carry on draining energy. The reason for his complacency soon makes itself clear, as Killbison and Drillhorn burst out of the sand and blast the unsuspecting Galaxy Shuttle out of the sky. As the Brainmasters climb out of the wreck and return fire, the two Breastforce members turn tail, and the Autobot trio quickly transform and give chase. This, it turns out, is all part of the plan, as Laster and Braver find themselves unable to manoeuvre in the deep sand, leaving them wide open for enemy firepower. As a dune buggy, Blacker is still able to move freely, and occupies Killbison while his team-mates transform and tackle the burrowing Drillhorn.

Back at the oil field, the Rescue Team formulate a plan to rescue the captive workers, who are being guarded by the sleeping Kakuryū. The approach they decide to take is a direct one—Fire transforms to vehicle mode and rolls right up to the prehistoric pea-brain, who awakens just in time to be blinded by a deluge of foam from Fire's cannons. The workers are rushed to safety aboard Galaxy Shuttle, as the foam-covered Kakuryū staggers away. He eventually finds his way to Gōryū, and requests permission to wash himself off.

Out in the desert, Laster and Braver fall afoul of Drillhorn's subterranean scheme, as he lures them into a patch of quicksand, where they promptly sink up to their waists. As Blacker arrives to help, but can't because he will sink too if he transforms, Leozack and Gaihawk emerge from beneath the sand, cackling over the successful deployment of their plan. Blacker gives Laster and Braver the order to transform with him into Road Caesar in an attempt to use his strength to break free, but the gestalt only winds up sinking faster; they try energy concentration and it slowly begins to work, but however, Gaihawk's Ice Needles being shot onto his back break his focus and disrupt the concentration. To make matters worse, Gaihawk fires again and the damage is now more severe. Blacker is forcefully separated from his team-mates, and finds Killbison's blaster jammed into the side of his head as the 'Con prepares to take a headshot. Thankfully, Greatshot chooses this moment to arrive, and Gaihawk immediately takes to the sky in search of revenge. Greatshot tricks him into colliding with Leozack, and the two are grounded, but they keep up the fight... or rather, they run as fast possible to avoid being run over by the six-changer's racecar mode. Suddenly, a chasm opens up in the desert sand and Greatshot tumbles in, finding himself on top of the rising Thunder Arrow, which had concealed itself beneath the sand. Deathsaurus appears to confront Greatshot himself, impaling his arm with an arrow from his Breast Animal weapon. Hellbat and Jarugar also appear and attack Greatshot from both sides, but at the last moment, Blacker leaps to his aid, and has his arm blown off in the effort. With one Autobot injured and two others buried in sand, things look bad... but luckily, Jean has called on Star Saber for help, and the Supreme Commander comes swooping down out of the sky to quickly airlift Braver and Laster out of the sand so they can get Blacker to safety. While Star Saber clashes with Deathsaurus atop the Thunder Arrow, Greatshot hacks his way through the Breastforce, forcing them to pull out—much to Gaihawk's frustration. With his opponents beating a retreat, Greatshot goes to Star Saber's aid, and together, the pair cripple the Thunder Arrow and leave Deathsaurus with no option but the better part of valor. At the same time, Braver and Laster leave Blacker in the care of the Rescue Team and return to the oil field, quickly disposing of the Dinoforce by blowing up their energon cubes.

As the Autobots get back together after the battle, everyone crowds around the injured Blacker. Although he downplays the seriousness of his wounds, he admits that he was too careless in his strategy. Star Saber prefers to think of him as brave, but he can see that the Decepticons are growing desperate, and that Autobot resolve must tighten.


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Continuity Errors

  • There is a short and positively bizarre scene dropped into the middle of this episode, in which Greatshot comes upon a bunch of dead robots in the middle of the desert. He removes a photo of a robot family (!) from the hand of one corpse, and then crumples it, angrily demanding to know what the Decepticons are planning. The implication, one supposes, is that he's followed the Thunder Arrow this way, and that the Decepticons have killed these robots. Which would be all well and good, except that it's got nothing to do with the rest of the episode. The Decepticons aren't planning anything that requires randomly killing some robots... and much more importantly, just who are these dead robots, anyway? There's never been any indication that there are any Autobots on Earth except Star Saber's team!

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  • Yet another episode that does away with the standard Victory title cards, and presents its title as white text on a black screen.


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