Crisis is the thirty-ninth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on October 10, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Megatron prepares to use the Hydra Cannon to destroy the Autobots' base on Earth from space.


As Megatron's new weapon causes panic on Earth and the sky is filled with a strong green haze, the kids don't know what action they should take next. On board the Decepticons' ship, Megatron annoys Thrust by laughing at the tactician's silly head. To himself, Thrust mocks Megatron's silly head. Outside, the force fields block Jetfire's efforts to attack the ship. The Autobots wonder how to destroy the Decepticon ship without killing the Mini-Cons in its core. Hot Shot angrily blames the entire situation on Starscream, and goes so far as to yell at Optimus for letting Starscream join the Autobots. Instead of responding, Optimus leaves to let Hot Shot whine vengeance on the edge of sanity. In the warp room, Optimus inspects his own Matrix before Jetfire returns. When the Autobots and kids assemble in the warp room, Optimus announces he has a plan to save Earth. Starscream considers his position with the Decepticons. When requested, he puts aside the compassion he's learned and fires upon Earth, even if it harms humans. But when the shields are lowered to fire, Prime and Jetfire take advantage of the window and begin to attack. The Decepticons rush out to fight the two Autobots. Eventually Megatron and Optimus are faced against each other, but his desire to save Earth causes Optimus to glow yellow and use his body to block the Hydra Cannon's energy blast. Optimus holds back the blast (visible on Earth). With pieces of him breaking off, he pushes the blast back over the Decepticon ship. When the cannon is spent, Optimus stands, bleached white. Right when the kids happen to see the Autobot leader standing, he shatters into tiny fragments. The kids, the other Autobots, and even Megatron shout concerned yells. The Decepticons retreat, while Jetfire recovers Sparkplug and Prime's Matrix.


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"Do as the Squidhead says, men."
"...Squidhead? Even you, Megatron?"

Megatron begins to belittle Thrust


  • Everybody knows skies are supposed to turn red during a Crisis, not green.
  • For a moment at the end of the episode, Prime was visible in pure white. A while later, the Armada Optimus Prime toy was released in almost pure white as Ultra Magnus.








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