The Creator Ships are vessels introduced in Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. During the Mesozoic era on Earth, these vessels were used by The Creators in their quest to Cyberform planets for their own use.


A vast fleet of these ships came into the orbit of prehistoric Earth. Entering the atmosphere they activated their Cyberforming beams. These beams produced a red hot stream of a metallic compound. Seeds were also deployed in the process. The Cyberforming processed brought the dominant organisms native to Earth at the time, the Dinosaurs, to extinction, burning off their flesh metalized their skeletons which would later become metallic fossils discovered millions of years later by human paleontologists.
Creator ships Concept Art

Creator Ships' Concept Art


  • Creator Ship is an unofficial name and is used on this site descriptively.
  • The ships have the appearance of snails.
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