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This article is about the Autobot. For his evil counterpart, see Create-A-Bot (Decepticon).

Create-A-Bot is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family.

A Create-A-Bot autobot strangely disguised as a Skydive F-22 jet

Create-A-Bot, also known as "Kid", "the Young One", and "Whatever the slag you want to want to call him", is a young Autobot soldier. Eager to fight and prove himself, he is very much the typical brash young youth with a lot of potential. He has never seen his people's homeworld of Cybertron, making him a testament to the effect that the war between the Autobots and Decepticons has had on the Transformers of his generation.

Thanks to Wheeljack, he can store the data of numerous vehicle forms, making him very versatile in the number of alternate modes he can adopt. He also has a Decepticon counterpart.

(Note: Create-A-Bot's in-game name is chosen by the players of the Transformers Autobots video game, and can be anything up to seven letters. "Create-A-Bot" is the name used in the credits, and thus, what is used here. Also, this Create-A-Bot should not be mistaken for the Autobot Create-A-Bot in the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Autobots/Decepticons)


Transformers: Autobots

Voice actor: Steve Blum
The early life of the Create-A-Bot is unknown, as it was claimed at one course of the game that he was never forged or created on cybertron as he'd never seen the planet. Indicating that was given life on a moon or something else.
He does have the ability to multiply his trans-scan ability, thanks to Wheeljack. Before arriving to earth he became the student of Ironhide and arriving to earth he would prove that to be a seeable statement.
Create-A-Bot arrived on Earth to assist the Autobots already there. Not aware of the true nature of his mission at first, he eventually found out that the Autobots were on Earth to retrieve both the All Spark and Megatron. Being the youngest and most inexperienced member of Optimus Prime's team, he was determined to prove himself. Unfortunately, his brashness nearly cost him when he went against orders and assisted Bumblebee in distracting Sector Seven agents, only to end up luring them back to him. Bumblebee threw himself in the line of fire to allow Create-A-Bot to escape, which left the young one ridden with guilt. He managed to rescue Bumblebee and earn the other Autobots' respect. When Megatron took the All Spark and battled Prime, Create-A-Bot attacked him, knocked the All Spark out of Megatron's hands, and jammed it into his chest, taking his own life to weaken Megatron (backlash of the Allspark overpowering his circuits). After Prime defeated Megatron, Create-A-Bot's last wishes were that Prime make Earth the new home of the Autobots, to defend it against any other Decepticon threats. After that Optimus told Creat-A-Bot that his name will be remembered through the ages as a legendary Autobot for the sacrifice he made.

Transformers: Decepticons

Voice actor: Steve Blum
Create-A-Bot (named Unknown in this version, & in the form of a white Notchback) arrived at the Space Needle after four of his comrades were destroyed by his evil counterpart. Upon reaching the area, before the two of them engaged in battle, he told his opposite number to teach him why "the bad guys always lose." His counterpart responded that the Autobots are no better than the Decepticons; they might be on opposite sides, but they're both playing the same game. Despite all this, Create-A-Bot was defeated at the hands of his Decepticon equivalent, despite his insistence that "You're messing with the best here!"



Beater Sportster Notchback Import Pickup Car Love Cruiser (!) Stunt Car
Lightning Rider Tricked Out Car Racer Raider Speedster Hot Rodder Scout


SUV Armored Truck Peace Van Pickup Utility Moving Truck School Bus Flame Truck
Ice Cream Truck Death Truck Funky Bus Maintenance Prison Bus Off-Roader Safari Truck SWAT van


Chopper Attack Copter Recon Chopper Police Copter News Copter Stealth Chopper Skydive (F-22) jet


  • Create-A-Bot's origin is hard to reconcile with other movie fiction as he is a pre-existing Transformer (and thus presumably created by the All Spark), yet he has never seen Cybertron, the only place the All Spark ever WAS before being lost. Maybe he was born blind? (Of course, it is possible that it had created him while on the journey to Earth, and the Autobots had found him there, but still...)
  • His personality of course is similar to Hot Rod
  • No not I don't mean STOP THE TIME HOT ROD
  • Much like him his childish like attitude caused the demise or capture of one his own.
  • He fought Megatron in order to help Optimus and disobeyed his superior's orders.
  • In fact there are several cars with hot rodded like custom color designs as a reference to the Hot Rod character.
  • Several of Create-A-Bot's alternate modes cannot be accessed in the game, but can be obtained by WiFi points in the Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons online game, Battle for the AllSpark (sic).
  • Some specific vehicles can be used with Action Replay codes. Skydive, for example.

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