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"Illumination through acceleration!"
―Crazybolt in Suspended.

Crazybolt is a horned cat/lizard-like Decepticon whose vehicle form is a muscle car with huge tires.

His Mini-Con partner is the ever-loyal Slicedice, who is as dedicated to Crazybolt as his master is to speed.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

As an ex-drag racer, turned Arsonist, Crazybolt and his Mini-Con partner Slicedice were arrested after they leveled Steel City, claiming that the buildings impeded his mobility. He was placed in a stasis pod and sent away aboard the Alchemor, only to be freed when the ship crashed on Earth.

In Suspended, the duo continued their high-octane rampage across Earth's highways, although Bumblebee's team eventually tracked them down. As they were pursued by Strongarm, Crazybolt used a smokescreen to send Strongarm onto an overpass, distracting her while they made good their escape. After some more driving, Crazybolt and Slicedice discovered a nature reserve. Slicedice, offended by the sign, goaded his partner into burning down the sign and the entire forest, viewing it as an insult to their desire for unimpeded speed. Although Bumblebee and Grimlock grappled with the Decepticons, they were unable to subdue either before the flames forced them to break off. The Decepticon duo took advantage of the fire and fled the scene.

In Misdirection, the pair met up with Scorponok in a disused drive-in, though the other Decepticon was swiftly irritated by their tardiness and their need for speed. They were waiting for Steeljaw to come meet them at the drive-in but Crazybolt and Slicedice's impatience also irritated Scorponok. They were about to come to blows when Bumblebee and Grimlock attacked. Aiming to end the fight quickly, Crazybolt blasted Bumblebee with flame, but was forced to stop when the Autobot used Slicedice as a shield. Bumblebee distracted the Decepticons by performing a trick with a rock while Grimlock recovered. Soon, Bumblebee and Grimlock were able to overcome the Decepticons, and as a result Crazybolt and his companion were safely locked away in stasis pods along with Scorponok and his Mini-Cons.


Crazybolt and his fellow Mini-Con partner Slicedice are focused only for speed. If any obstacle such Earth's natural terrain, cities or people get in their way, Crazybolt would use his fire breath to deal with the obstructions he sees fit to destroy which Slicedice would advice him to do. Crazybolt also seems to dislike being kept from speeding as shown in Misdirection where he met up with Scorponok and was growing very impatient as they waited for Steeljaw.

Powers and abilities

In vehicle form, Crazybolt is able to run in high speeds.

In his robot form, Crazybolt can use his claws or his bobbed tail for combat, he can ether launch out Slicedice like a missile or spew out fire from his mouth.


  • Crazybolt's robot mode appears to resemble both a lizard and a cat combined.
  • Crazybolt's character model was later modified to make Flamesnort.