Dragbreak, a Crash Combiner

Crash Combiners are a type of combiner. They are formed when two Cybertronians transform into vehicle mode and accelerate towards each other in a head-on-collision. There are only two known Crash Combiners, both Decepticons.
"There are a lot of Autobots. Maybe if there were fewer of us, we'd have some better odds!"
Dragstrip [src]


Transformers: Robots in Disguise 

"Bee Cool"

Both Crash Combiners are Stunticons. The first, Dragbreak, is formed when Dragstrip and Wildbreak collide with each other. Dragstrip forms the head, torso, and arms, while Wildbreak forms the legs and what appears to be the shoulders. However, both of their minds do not merge. Dragstrip appears to become the dominant personality, while Wildbreak's presence is suppressed. The second combiner, Heatmark, is the combination of Heatseeker, who forms the head, torso, and arms, and Slashmark, who forms the legs. Unlike Dragbeak, and despite the fact that their personalities are polar opposites, Heatseeker and Slashmark’s minds seem to synergize perfectly when combined into Heatmark.

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