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The name or term Crankcase refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Crankcase (disambiguation).

Crankcase is the vicious leader of the Dreads. He demands loyalty from his team members. Like his compatriots, Crowbar and Hatchet, he transforms into a black Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicle.

"Grrrrr, rarble, rarble, raarrrrrrrr! (Dreads, after Sentinel Prime!)"
―Crankcase speaking his secret (unknown) language.


Dark of the Moon film

After Sentinel Prime was retrieved from the Moon and reactivated, Megatron put into motion the plan that had been waiting in the wings for thousands of years. With the human Sam Witwicky believing that the Decepticons wished to capture Sentinel and force him to use the control pillar to activate the space bridge, Crankcase, Hatchet and Crowbar were sent to pursue the Autobots. Crankcase jumps over Dino, who kills Hatchet quickly with help from Sideswipe and Bumblebee. Crankcase later flipped over a truck full of gas cans to successfully block Bumblebee's way.

The two remaining Dreads pursued Sideswipe and Dino into the streets of Washington D.C. Ironhide then came out from the NEST base and the Autobot weapons specialist confronted the Dreads, stopping them in their tracks with a head-on collision, resulting in a Mexican standoff with Crowbar on Ironhide's left and Crankcase on Ironhide's right. Sideswipe also stepped into the fray, making a four-way standoff. The Decepticons seemingly capitulated by dropping their blasters after the Autobots ordered them to do so, but when the Autobots did the same, both Decepticons deployed the spiked boom-spears on their backs. Crowbar was first to throw his spear, which embedded in Ironhide's shoulder (after Sideswipe shouted a really late warning to the heavy-hitter). Crankcase then launched his spear towards Sideswipe, which was brushed off by Sideswipe in a move that also knocked one of Sideswipe's blasters into Ironhide's hand. Using the blaster, Ironhide killed Crowbar with a shot to the face. Then, moments after Crankcase kicked Sideswipe to the ground, Ironhide speared the Decepticon's head with Crowbar's spear. Ironhide then slammed Crankcase onto an abandoned car, and kicked the wreckage into a nearby auto shop, where the boom-spear, and Crankcase's body, exploded. Dark of the Moon


Dark of the Moon video game

In chapter 3, Mirage and Bumblebee encounter a Crankcase AI, designated: Enforcer. They battle him atop the Mayan Pyramid that Sideswipe is being held in.


  • Crankcase (Legion, 2011)
A smaller version of Crankcase, he also turns into a Police/Security SUV vehicle. He doesn't have the visible mandibles in humanoid mode, though he still keeps his extra long middle finger. Like quite few of the Legion figures, his right hand is also moulded for the Commander weapons. He also has quite an accurate head sculpt, and for such a small figure he has allot of detail to him.
  • Crankcase (Deluxe, 2011)
Crankcase transforms into a police SUV with a Chevy logo on the grill. a pair of soft plastic insect mandibles, reminiscent of the claw weapon on Powerpinch, can be deployed from the front of the vehicle's undercarriage. The figure features two MechTech ports on its roof in vehicle mode, and one on each forearm in robot mode. Its Mechtech accessory is a blaster that converts into a claw weapon. One of the better looking figures overall, although the longest finger on each of its soft plastic hands does tend to easily break off.


  • In the film, Crankcase was the one shown activating the spears on his back, but Crowbar was the first to launch his spear, towards Ironhide. Crankcase launched the second spear, towards Sideswipe.
  • He vaguely resembles a unmasked Predator from the Predator series of films, especially the Jungle Hunter. His weapons are also reflected in the resemblance, with his Boom Sticks resembling Combi Sticks and his guns have an unmistakable resemblance to an handheld Plasma Caster.
  • The Enforcer seen in the Dark of the Moon game is based off of Crankcase's appearance in the film, except that his altmode resembles that of the Crowbar's toy.
  • Crankcase is the only one out of the Dreads to have multiple incarnations, while Crowbar and Hatchet were created especially for the movie.
  • Crankcase appears to have nose and ear rings.