Cradon is a an Autobot Mini-Con from the (presumably) Generation One continuity family.
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Cradon (クレイドン Kureidon) is yellow!


Generation One

  • Cradon (Micron, 2008)
Cradon is a redeco of the Cybertron Giant Planet Team Mini-Con Longarm, transforming into a double-armed crane truck of undetermined model. He was only available in exclusive 2-packs of Boss coffee drink in Japan for a limited time, along with Seawave and "metallic" PVC mini-figurines of Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream, one of the five items randomly packed (but not blind-packed!) in each special 2-pack of cans.
This mold was also used to make Astro-Hook.


  • Cradon being a Generation One character is not completely firm. However, he is available as part of a Generation One-themed promotion along with distinctly Generation-1 toys, so...
  • It is worth noting that there appears to be no sign of the third mold in the Giant Planet Team set, the plane. Since the three toys are gang-molded, it is presumed that there is a mostly-blue plane floating around somewhere, possibly as part of a future promotion... or not. Who knows with TakaraTomy?

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