Countdown is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Countdown robotMTMTE

Hero of a thousand worlds, champion of the oppressed, and destroyer of thousands of Decepticons, but no . . . let's tell more stories about stupid Bumblebee. Not that he's bitter.

Countdown's mission is to roam the universe, find planets threatened by Decepticon activity, and meddle to the Autobots' benefit. He looks forward to the day when the Decepticons are defeated, and he can start toppling other tyrannical regimes.[1]

He possesses an interstellar rocket and a command base. The base is used to launch the rocket, but also fits inside the rocket.


Generation One

Golddendisk paradron

Countdown (right) argues with Skystalker over which movie they're going to watch.

Dreamwave Micromasters comics

Countdown, along with fellow micro-master Groundshaker, have returned to Cybertron after uncovering a 'Golden Disk' on Paradron, a world inhabited by lifeforms nearly identical in basic design to Cybertronians. This 'Golden Disk' contains a wealth of information... much of which seemed to be directly beamed from Cybertron.

It predicted the evolution of the Transformers into micromasters which would more easily interact with the other, smaller creatures of the universe. It also touches on the reason behind the Transformers' alternate modes being designed to resemble vehicles for smaller beings.


Generation One

  • Countdown (Micromaster Autobot Rocket Base, 1989)
Countdown transforms into a fanciful moon rover. He was sold with mobile launch base, which can transform into a command center and connect with other Micromaster bases via modular ramps.
Japanese ID number: C-330
The Japanese release included the Micromaster Rescue Patrol Team, consisting of Victory regulars Holi, Fire, Pīpō, and Boater

Universe (2008)

  • Countdown (Voyager, 2008)
  • Accessories: Cyber planet key, Cannon, giant rocket.
Countdown is a maroon, white, and blue repaint of the Voyager class figure of Red Alert from Cybertron. He into an armored vehicle that carries a large (and honestly quite suspicious looking) rocket, which is also detachable. The rocket houses the planet key gimmick, when the key is plugged into the rocket it opens revealing a missile that can be fired.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #2

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