The Council of Autobot Elders is a ludicrously pompous ruling body in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Pompous Windbags of the Round Table

The Council of Autobot Elders (also known as the High Council[1]) was the ruling body of Cybertronian capital Iacon from before the Great War until several thousand years after the Ark's launch 4 million years ago.

Members of the Council hold the title of "High Councilor," though if they hold other titles (such as Emirate) they may choose to be addressed by that instead. The Council appears to be a sub-set of the larger body of Autobot Elders, and is tasked with much of the decision-making responsibility.

The Council of Autobot Elders administered the affairs of competing peaceful city-states, first under the theoretical oversight of the dottering Overlords, prior to his death, and later on their own. They ceased to be an active player in Cybertronian politics when the Decepticon Trannis defenestrated the council a few thousand years after the Ark's departure.



The council was deadlocked on taking any action relating Tarn-Vos war. Though Iacon was accepting refugees, Emirate Xaaron wanted General Traachon to send a peace-keeping force to intervene in the conflict. Traachon refused to let Iacon forces be drawn into a foreign conflict that did not involve them, and further suggested that it was in Iacon's best interests that the militant Vos and Tar destroy one another. State Games

As the war expanded, and pressed on Iacon's borders Emirate Xaaron pleaded with High Councilor Traachon to use his right of veto and place the Autobots under military rather than Council control. Tomaandi opposed move, insisting that the Iacon's forces remain under the direct control of the council. In the face of Tommandi's stubbornness, Traachon relented and gave full control of their forces to Optimus Prime, who subsequently pushed the Decepticon forces back, retaking much of the conquered territory. And There Shall Come...a Leader!

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Look at that giant disco ball! What is this, the War Within version of Dancitron?

When Autobot astronomers discovered that their planet was traveling towards a potentially lethal asteroid belt, Tomaandi presided over the meeting of Autobot Elders where Optimus Prime agreed to lead the mission to clear a path through the asteroids. This meeting resulted in the construction of the Ark. The Transformers The relationship between the Council of Autobot Elders and the (much larger) body of Autobot Elders seen here is unknown.

The Autobot scientist Flame proposed reviving Megatron's plan to convert Cybertron into a mobile spacecraft. Emirate Xaaron felt the plan was too dangerous and spoke out against it strongly. Flame was cast out of the academy and denied funds to continue his research. When he succeeded in blowing himself up in Kalis, the Council traveled there to investigate his death in person. Legion of the Lost! part 2 The council's rare trip outside of Iacon seems to imply these events took place in a relative peace before Trannis rose to power.

When the Ark was lost in space, the Council of Autobot Elders, let by High Counciler Traachon, attempted to once again take command of the disorganized Autobot army. As a result, the Decepticons conquered the rest of the planet, but were unable to breach Iacon's fortified defenses. After several thousand years of this deadlock the new Decepticon leader Trannis gave up on capturing Iacon intact, and began to bombard the city. In an emergency meeting the council decided to surrender, except Xaaron, who fled. Trannis executed them for their trouble. Cybertron: The Middle Years


  1. Optimus Prime refers to them as the High Council in And There Shall Come...a Leader!
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