The Council of Ancients are ancient Cybertronians in the Dreamwave portion of Generation One continuity.

Old robots are required to wear Robes.

The Council of Ancients are keepers of Cybertron's many secrets. They care for the Matrix while the next Matrix-bearer is chosen, and are rumored to quietly pull the strings of the Autobot government. Megatron has alleged that one of the factors that led to the Decepticon uprising was his discovery that the Ancients were pawns of the Quintessons.

Dreamwave comics continuity

The council feuded with Alpha Trion, who wished to speak openly about the secrets the Council clothed in dogma and myths.

8.2 million years BG1
After the death of Sentinel Prime, the Council of Ancients selected Optronix to become the new Autobot leader, and named him Optimus Prime. When Starscream activated the mechaforming process on Iacon, Gravitas, Kurdon, and Vraz were killed, and the apprentice members were forced into exile.

6 million years BG1
Apprentice members Eronus, Neo and Templar come out of hiding to form a new Council of Ancients to coincide with the signing of the peace treaty at Tyger Pax. Autobot newscaster Slamdance covered the treaty-signing by remote link from the new Council Chamber, and was a witness when Starscream broke in and executed the entire Council of Ancients.

With no other surviving members, the Council of Ancients was apparently never reformed.

Council members

Senior members

Apprentice members


  • When Megatron confronted Starscream for executing the Council of Ancients, Starscream was shown holding the head of Gravitas, killed 2.2 million years earlier, not Eronus.
  • When Optimus is in the council's chamber, "'Til All Are One" can be read in jumbledy letters along the back wall.
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