A cosmotron is a transformer internal organ in the Sunbow portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Such a vital part that Ironhide can't even recall the name.

A cosmotron is a piece of Cybertronian technology of unspecified function. What is known is that Optimus Prime's cosmotron was severely damaged during a battle with the Decepticons, and the Autobot leader surely would have perished if his cosmotron had not been replaced, suggesting that whatever purpose it serves is a vital one. Divide and Conquer


  • The real-life Brookhaven National Laboratory once had a particle accelerator called the "Cosmotron". It was the first atom smasher able to reach energies of a billion electron volts, and was dismantled in 1966.
  • The lyrics to the French G1 cartoon theme song reference a cosmotron. The same lyrics also make a seemingly arbitrary mention of Dr. Alcazar from "Roll For It", so it may be a reference to this device. However, from the context of the song it sounds more like it's supposed to be a spaceship. There is, in fact, a spaceship called the Cosmotron in the 1970 sci-fi novel, Tom Swift and his Cosmotron Express, but this seems like an even less likely explanation.

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