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Shockwave developed the cortical psychic patch during the Great War. It is a procedure through which the mind of one Transformer can be joined with another, using a cable connected directly between the two Transformers' brains. By this means, the victim's memories can be viewed by both parties, allowing information to be extracted, though it appears to be a read-only arrangement. The procedure was banned by the Autobots, though there are a substantial number of texts on the subject available to interested Autobot medics.


It is used to probe one's mind, looking for secrets and true motives within the Transformer.

According to Ratchet, this device acts as a two-way conduit, when one Transformer returns to their own mind the other Transformer who leaves their own body and mind follows and occupies the other Transformer's mind.


"Out of the Past"

Shockwave used a cortical psychic patch to extract decryption codes from Arcee's mind, thus informing the Decepticons of the Autobots' new home on Earth

"Sick Mind"

With Optimus Prime infected with cybonic plague and time short, Ratchet decided to try the procedure, though he had never previously attempted it himself. He talked Arcee through setting up a cortical psychic patch between Bumblebee and Megatron, who at the time was lying comatose in the Nemesis. The procedure succeeded, inserting Bumblebee into the replication of Kaon constructed by Megatron's subconscious, and Bumblebee was able to interact with Megatron and retrieve the formula for the plague cure. Arcee then disconnected the patch, but Megatron was able to use the dying connection to jump into Bumblebee's head.  

"Out of His Head"

Megatron subsequently returned to the Nemesis in Bumblebee's body and used the patch to return to his own form as he revived it with a shard of Dark Energon

"Inside Job"

Megatron successfully learned the purpose of the Omega Keys by using a patch to view Smokescreen's memories. 


Another patch proved useful when Megatron wanted to find out Starscream's true motives, as he was able to replay Starscream's own memories. Though when the memories started to incriminate him as well, Knock Out was tempted to prematurely disconnect the link, trapping Megatron in Starscream's head, and was only stopped by Dreadwing


A patch used on Wheeljack by Shockwave failed to yield any useful information on the whereabouts of the scattered Autobots, as Wheeljack didn't know anything.  


Shockwave used a patch to try to extract information from Ratchet on how to complete the Synthetic Energon formula but failed as the doctor didn't know how to complete it any more than the Decepticons did. 


  • This device resembles Soundwave's tentacles that he has in his chest, though thinner.
  • In reality the patch wouldn't be much use as memory can be altered.


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