The corrupted worm is a creature/animal that is native to Cybertron's depths that became corrupted by Dark Energon and was subsequently used by the Decepticons as a guard dog for the Core. The worm serves as the boss of the Autobot level, To The Core.

As the Autobots move to the core of Cybertron, they are attacked several times by a corrupted space worm. The worm hinders the Autobots on their mission to reach the Core and attacks them. When the Autobots finally reach the core, the worm shows up again and draws energy from the core. It uses this additional energy as well as it's large arsenal of weaponry to stop them. The battle ends with the worm destroyed.

The worm has has two eyes and a mouth wreathed by sharp mandibles on it's head. It has several pairs of legs on the middle section of it's body. The front most legs have claws on them that allow it to damage enemies. What appears to be the worm's tail is actually a large group of clawed arms that are folded up to make the worm a more streamlined shape. The worm can move using these arms, and does so while attached to the core, by unfolding them into a starburst shape and crawling. It's weakpoint is in it's mouth behind the armor plating and mandibles.

To defend itself, the worm has many weapons available. First, it can launch large bomb-like projectiles from it's mouth that track enemies. It can fire energy blasts from it's eyes and sustained beams from it's mouth. The worm's last defense is it's ability to spawn Dark Energon crystals either from it's eye beams or by raking the ground with it's claws. When the Dark Energon crystals explode they release hordes of Energon Spiders.

There are very few weapons that can do good damage to the slug while it his vulnerable. The elite few are: Ironhide's Scatter blaster, EMP Shotgun, and a possible pickup of Null-ray.

Note: It is unknown how the creature originally looked, and also how the Decepticons tamed this creature.
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