Corrodia Gravis is a disease in the Generation One continuity family.

Corrodia Gravis condemns a Transformer to a slow, wasting death as rust consumes his body. Only a systems boost from a Transformer with a compatible constitution can stave off the degeneration. It is not clear whether this cures the disease, or merely retards its progress.

The Dinobot Snarl is susceptible to Corrodia Gravis.


Marvel Comics continuity

At Earthforce base, Wheeljack diagnosed Snarl as suffering from Corrodia Gravis, and informed Grimlock that he would die unless a transfusion could be obtained from a compatible donor. Unfortunately, the only compatible Transformer was Starscream. Assassins The Dinobots, Prowl and Ironhide travelled to the Louisiana swamps to secure Starscream's cooperation, only to find that he was under threat from the Mayhem Attack Squad, Megatron and Shockwave. External Forces! Amazingly, the Autobots kicked all of their asses and in return Starscream agreed to help - for a price... The Lesser Evil

In 1992, Snarl was at an advanced stage of Corrodia Gravis, and the other Dinobots brought him to the Savage Land in search of the control crystal from the shuttle that they had left there millions of years ago when they came to stop Shockwave. They hoped to use it to store his brainwaves while they obtained a new body, only to find that it was being used to hold back a disease that was killing the resident dinosaurs. As a temporary solution, they used the crystal to transfer Snarl's mind into a stegosaurus until they could return with a replacement body. Destiny of the Dinobots!


  • The name Corrodia Gravis is reminiscent of the real-life human autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis, which causes progressive muscular weakness and can be treated but not cured. This suggests that, unlike Cosmic Rust, Corrodia Gravis is not caused by a pathogen but is instead an inherent condition. This would also explain the unusual lengths to which the Dinobots are forced to go in order to help Snarl.
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