Corkscrew is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Corkscrew borebit

Corkscrew is probably the driller on the left.

Corkscrew is one of the Autobots under Perceptor's command on Cybertron.


Marvel comics continuity

Corkscrew was an Autobot under Perceptor's command . He, along with Borebit were used to burrow into Darkmount during their plan to destroy the Space Bridge.

It is unknown how he fared in the battle. Probably not well, since the Autobots were attacked immediately upon going topside. The Bridge to Nowhere!


  • Which driller is Corkscrew is never clarified. It's possible he's the one on the left simply because of the whole left-to-right reading structure of English, as his name is given first. That both robots only appear in silhouette doesn't help.
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