The Cool Guys are a group of humans from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Evil Knievels

The Cool Guys are a vicious motorcycle gang who earned the enmity of Decepticon Headmaster Junior Wilder when they attacked his own gang, the Jack Boys, and forced them to disband.

You'd better believe he got back at 'em.


Super-God Masterforce anime

When the Cool Guys arrived in the Jack Boys territory, they took out the members of the gang one by one, ending their campaign against them by capturing Wilder and beating him half to death. After joining the Decepticons, Wilder decided to put his new powers to use getting revenge on the Cool Guys, and brought Cancer and Bullhorn with him as he returned to his home town to find them. The three Juniors challenged the Cool Guys to a fight outside a bar, and used their Masterforce powers to quickly and easily beat the enire gang into submission. Wilder promptly took control of the gang and led them on a mission of destruction through the city that caught the attention of the Autobot Headmaster Juniors, who happened to be vacationing in America at the time. Naturally, the Cool Guys could do little but watch and cheer as the giant robots battled, and they fled when Wilder and the other Decepticons were defeated at the battle's end. Rage!! Little Devils With No Need for Rules

Named members


Coolguys mac

Not a dull surprise

Voice actor: Kazumi Tanaka (Japanese)

Mac is the leader of the Cool Guys, or at least he was, until Wilder arrived on the scene. He's one of those guys who's tough when he has an army of thugs to back him up, but whose true colors (varying shades of yellow) show when he's left to face a threat on his own. When the Cool Guys were defeated by Wilder and the Juniors, he dropped to his knees and promised to give Wilder his territory back, but Wilder was so sickened by his grovelling that he hurled him through a brick wall. Mac's obviously got a hard head, though, since he survived with no visible injuries, and gleefully helped to co-ordinate the Cool Guys as they wreaked havoc in the city.


Coolguys priest

Priest. Maybe not the weirdest name ever

Voice actor: Ikuya Sawaki (Japanese)

So-named for the monk-like appearance his shaven head gives him, Priest (入道 Nyūdo, "monk" or "a man with a shaven head") is a bulky, bug-eyed brute and Mac's right-hand man. As the Cool Guys were tearing through the city on Wilder's orders, Mac ordered him to round up the other members of the gang to join in the chaos. Later, Priest was the one who spotted Minerva and Cab entering the city, and reported it to Mac, who in turn informed Wilder.

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