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A convention is an annual gathering of fans, collectors, and creators of various types of media. Common types of conventions spotlight toys, comic books, anime, sci-fi, and the like.

Transformer-themed conventions have been occurring regularly since the early 1990s, and continue to grow in popularity. These usually feature various guests, including voice actors, writers, comic & cartoon creators, and Hasbro representatives. They also include a stunning array of vendors buying & selling Transformers (and other non-TF transforming-robot) toys from every part of the world.

Conventions also typically sell or distribute "exclusive" merchandise that is available only to attendees, including toys, comic books, artwork, clothing, and various giveaways.

Official Transformer conventions

Unofficial Transformers conventions

A great many unofficial Transformers conventions have popped up over the course of years as the fandom continues to grow.

Note: See the "unofficial conventions" page for more details
  • BotCon 2004 (no, really!)
  • Cybercon
  • Dairycon
  • Iacon One
  • Transcon
  • TransformersCon/TFcon
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