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The term continuity error refers to a broad sprectrum of mistakes which can occur in the production of fictional media, which break the established continuity, or consistency of events being presented. Although continuity errors are more prevalent in live-action media, they still occur quite often (perhaps too often!) in animated cartoons and comic books. Common errors in the various Transformers media may include characters designs changing from appearance to appearance, or characters showing up where they shouldn't be. And don't even get me started on the Generation One Constructicons. That's a whole barrel full of headaches, right there.

Types of continuity error

Dead men standing

There have been several examples of characters appearing after they have supposedly died, most notably in The Transformers: The Movie. Brawn and Huffer made appearances in the third season of the cartoon, while Prowl and Wheeljack showed up on the The Headmasters and Victory from Japanese anime series respectively.

Wrong place at the wrong time

Sometimes, characters who have been captured or gone missing will suddenly show up in their base or team with no explanation.

Notable examples

Generation One

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