Abel is an Autobot from the Headmasters portion ot the Generation 1 continuity family.

Named after the first murder victim. Subtle.

One of several small robots from planet Master, Abel is a good friend to Chromedome.

RTM dub name: Abello


Headmasters Cartoon

Abel was one of a group of dimuntive refugee Autobots that left Cybertron four million years ago, along with his friends Chromedome and Jack. Eventually, they crashed on the inhospitable world of Master, but were eventually able to establish a civilisation there. When the ninja Decepticon Sixshot attacked a mining operation, Abel led a militia that attempted to get rid of him, but the villain used his multiplication powers to kill them all, Abel included. Chromedome ran to his fallen friend and cradled his dead body in his arms - this was the first he felt true anger towards those who do evil. Chromedome vowed revenge against Sixshot for his friend's death. Terror! The Six Shadows

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