This article is about the Decepticon combiner team from Energon. For other similarly-named groups, see Constructicon (disambiguation).

The Construction Team is a Decepticon subgroup from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The Construction Team is a group of five sturdy construction vehicles. Powered by super energon, they are each powerful in their own right, and they can combine to form the super robot Constructicon Maximus.

The members of the Construction Team are:


Animated continuity


When Megatron destroyed Superion Maximus's brother, he unlocked the living seal on the Super Energon pool and awakened the remaining Combiners. While Superion Maximus was aghast at his brother's destruction, the Decepticon combiners were merely curious about who had managed to reactivate them. Megatron declared that the Super Energon was his and that he was master of all Decepticons. Ambition

Superion Maximus protested that the Super Energon belonged to all Transformers as Megatron jumped into the pool, changing into Galvatron once again. When the Autobot combiner tried to attack the reborn Decepticon leader to no avail, Galvatron ordered the two Decepticon combiners to give chase as Superion Maximus fled. Later, Superion confronted the two Decepticons, reminding them that they'd protected the Super Energon together for millions of years, and asking them why they had let one Transformer have control of it all. Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus merely replied that Galvatron was their master now, and that he represented the future of Cybertron. Galvatron

Constructiconmaximus pinned

Dignified death, being held down.

Constructicon Maximus eventually paid for his treachery when a vengeful Superion Maximus attacked both Decepticon combiners. Surprised by the Autobot combiner's ferocity, both Decepticons were caught off-guard at first, until they over-confidently held him down, which proved to be their downfall. Superion launched all of his limbs at Constructicon Maximus, pinning him against a wall, as Superion's central component Storm Jet crushed the Decepticon combiner's spark, killing him.

After Bruticus Maximus managed to destroy the Autobot's limbs, Superion Maximus powerlinked with Constructicon Maximus' limbs and attacked the confused Bruticus, piercing his spark, and causing a massive explosion which destroyed the remaining Decepticon. Spark



  • Construction Team {2004, 2005)
ConstructiconMaximus toy2

You probably don't have my legs.

Similar to Generation One's Scramble City combiner teams, the Construction Team (as well as the Air Team and the Destruction Team) merges via universal connection points on the super robot's torso, allowing many different combinations and even swapping of limbs from different teams.
The Construction Team members were sold separately, and only Steamhammer, Sledge and Dust Storm were initially released in 2004 for the North American, Asian and Australasian markets, with Wideload and Bonecrusher released much later in 2005 and even 2006. This unfortunately led to many consumers having an incomplete Constructicon Maximus for many months.
The Japanese release of Constructicon Maximus, named Buildron, was a Toys "R" Us Japan exclusive giftset. There are several paint deco and plastic color differences between the US and Japanese versions.
This mold was redecoed as Classics Devastator.
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