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This article is about the combiner from Energon. For other uses of the term "Constructicon", see Constructicon (disambiguation).

Constructicon Maximus is one of four ancient Combiner robots chosen to guard the Super Energon pools deep within Cybertron. He and his peers were awakened from countless years of stasis by Megatron when Superion Maximus's brother is destroyed by the Decepticon leader.

He and his friend Bruticus Maximus are quite willing to abandon their duty to follow a strong leader whom they believe represents Cybertron's future, a Decepticon-dominated future.

He is the combined form of the Construction Team:

Japanese name: Buildron
Hungarian name: Maximusz


Energon cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Don Brown (English), ? (Japanese)

When Megatron destroyed Superion Maximus's dormant brother, he unlocked the living seal on the Super Energon pool deep within Cybertron and awakened the remaining Combiners. While Superion Maximus was aghast at his brother's destruction, the Decepticon combiners were merely curious about who had managed to reactivate them. Megatron declared that the Super Energon was his, and that he was the master of all Decepticons. Ambition

Superion Maximus protested that the Super Energon belonged to all Transformers as Megatron jumped into the pool, changing himself into "Galvatron" once again. The Autobot combiner tried to attack the reborn Decepticon leader, to no avail. Galvatron ordered the two Decepticon combiners to give chase as Superion Maximus fled. Later, Superion confronted the two Decepticons, reminding them that they'd protected the Super Energon together for millions of years, and asking them why they let one Transformer have control of it all. The two merely replied that Galvatron was now their master, and that he represented the future of Cybertron. Wishes

Bruticus Maximus and Contructicon Maximus took part in attacking the Autobot's ship the Miranda II wich was trying to get to Cybertron. Once there, Bruticus and Contructicon were ready to take on Superion in unfair odds, but Omega Supreme abducted Bruticus, leaving Contructicon Maximus to battle Superion Maximus by himself. Energon gas was later released into Cybertron forcing all Decepticons under ground and Autobots off world. Galvatron!

Brticus and Construction attacked Kicker, Arcee and the Omnicons, who were trying to stop the gas. They were stopped by they and underground Autobot remnants. Break Through

Constructiconmaximus pinned

Dignified death, being held down.

Constructicon Maximus eventually paid for his treachery when a vengeful Superion Maximus attacked both Decepticon combiners. Surprised by the Autobot combiner's ferocity, both Decepticons were caught off-guard at first, until they over-confidently held him down, which proved to be their downfall. Superion launched all of his limbs at Constructicon Maximus, pinning him against a wall, as Superion's central component Storm Jet crushed the Decepticon combiner's spark, killing him.

After Bruticus Maximus managed to destroy the Autobot's limbs, Superion Maximus Powerlinxed with Constructicon Maximus' limbs and attacked the confused Bruticus, piercing his spark, and causing a massive explosion which destroyed the remaining Decepticon. Spark



  • Constructicon Maximus (2004, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: EX-01
ConstructiconMaximus toy2

You probably don't have my legs.

Constructicon Maximus is composed of his five team members, with Steam Hammer forming his central body component. His limb's Energon Weapons form his hands and feet. Similarly to Generation One's Scramble City combiner teams, Constructicon Maximus (as well as Superion Maximus and Bruticus Maximus) feature universal connection points for the limbs, allowing many different combinations and even swapping of limbs from different teams.
Only Steamhammer, Sledge and Dust Storm were initially released in 2004 for the North American, Asian and Australasian markets, with Wideload and Bonecrusher released much later in 2005 and even 2006. This unfortunately led to many consumers having an incomplete Constructicon Maximus for many months.
The Japanese release of Constructicon Maximus, named Buildron, was a Toys "R" Us Japan exclusive giftset. There are several paint deco and plastic colour differences between the US and Japanese versions.
This mold was used to make Classics Devastator.


  • Constructicon Maximus' character model in the Energon cartoon has a recurring error in which the scoop that forms his left "shoulderpad" is either misplaced, misconnected, or just missing.
  • Like the other two Energon "Maximus" combiners, the five component robots of Constructicon Maximus are made from only three molds: a central Deluxe torso, and two Basic limbs with two color schemes each. According to Hasbro representatives at BotCon 2005, this was done because the budget for the tail-end of Energon allowed for only nine-to-ten new molds, so they had the choice of two groups of five, or three groups of three. They went with the latter. *Facepalm*
  • Both the US and Japan versions name him after the group rather than the actual combined form. In Japan, the Constructicons were known as "Buildron".
  • Strangely, his cartoon model shows that an Energon Star can clip on his chest, but the toy's Energon Star clipper-thingy is in his shovel, the one on his chest is a fake. But very convincing...not!

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