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Constructicon Devastator is a Decepticon whose continuity of origin is unknown, but who was caught up in the Universe war.
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He devastates things. Devastates them right in the kneecap.

Constructicon Devastator is the sum of the six Micromaster Constructicons: Bonecrusher, Buckethead, Hightower, Long Haul, Quickmix, and Scavenger. Constructicon Devastator's personality, like that of his components, is unknown. It is also unknown what, if any, connection he has with the other Decepticon combiner named "Devastator" elsewhere in the multiverse, not to mention the one also in the Universe war.

Of course, being a combiner composed entirely of Micromasters, Constructicon Devastator is only of slightly larger than average height, as Transformers go.



  • Constructicon Devastator (Combiner, 2004)
Uni Micromaster Devastator toy


A redeco of Sixbuilder in Generation One Constructicon-inspired colors. While similar to the Destron Sixbuilder redeco, this version is molded in distinctly different colors with far more purple and black paint applications.
The six component Constructicons were packaged separately, available originally as K•B Toys exclusives, but later appearing in Sears stores during the Christmas season. (K•B partnered with Sears, a chain that usually doesn't have a toy department.) They were also sold on K-Mart's web site.


  • Constructicon Devastator (Combiner, 2004)
Constructicon Devastator was also released under the Energon line in Europe, albeit with modified packaging and instructions to reflect the different line.


  • Constructicon Devastator and the rest of the Universe Micromasters were released in the "main" line in Europe (Energon or Cybertron). Presumably this is because the Universe line was never released in the European market. Why the Micromasters were the only part of the Universe line to get a European release is unknown, but it probably had something to do with their sub-Basic class size and previously being Japanese-exclusive molds.

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