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This article is about the group from Transformers Animated. For a list of other teams, see Constructicon (disambiguation).

The Constructicons are a Decepticon subgroup in the Animated continuity family.

"We're the Robot Mafia. The ENTIRE Robot Mafia."

The Constructicons (formerly known as the Constructobots) are a trio of construction vehicles given life by a pair of AllSpark fragments. Mixmaster (Mix) and Scrapper (Scrap) are a couple of crass, low brow bots, with only three interests; new cars, high grade oil and construction. It is the latter that gives them value in Megatron's optics, as they happen to be quite talented. While not exactly evil, they lack a moral compass, viewing theft with indifference and thinking of Humans as pets. They are more than willing to sell their services to whomever supplies 'em with the best oil, and even if their friendship with Bulkhead could make up for the Autobot dipstick's low grade stuff it's likely they'd feel more at home with the Decepticons anyway.

Later, Dirt Boss was brought to life and he instantly took control of the Mixmaster and Scrapper. However, he was not interested in sexy cars and construction, he was interested in conqueroring Detriot by harboring oil.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actors: Tom Kenny as Scrapper, Jeff Bennett as Mixmaster, John Mariano as Dirt Boss


Two fragments of the Allspark land on both constrction vehicles and bring them to life. They transformed into robots and named each other Scrapper and Mixmaster. They started to flirt on a red sportscar and chase it. They later met Bulkhead and saved him from being killed by a construction accident. Bulkhead befriends the two robots, called the Constructobots, who treat him to an oil beverage from an oil tanker. Bulkhead sets the Constructobots straight and invites them to the factory to meet the Autobots. The gang took an immediate disliking to them, especially Sari, so Optimus Prime booted them out. Unhappy, the Constructobots walked off. Soon, they saw Blitzwing and Lugnut stealing construction supplies. Thinking that the dastardly duo were about to injure themselves, the bots went to help them. Soon, Mix and Scrapper heard approaching police sirens. Blitzwing tells the Bots that it was a quitting time whistle, meaning that they can go home. When the Bots tell him that they have no home, Blitzwing lets the Bots stay with them so they can help with their stuff. The Cons plan to off the two robots as Lugnut was about to deliver the punch to them until Megatron arrived. Megatron decided to ask the Bots to help him with the Spacebridge project. He lies to them about the Autobots and they do his work. Bulkhead finds out about them and has a long and difficult fight with them. In the end, Mix and Scrapper eventually lose their memories and vamoose. Later, Mix and Scrapper followed Bumblebee's leak trail back to the factory to find some good tasting oil, only to run into Sari. In a classic movie moment, Sari outwits the dumbots. Blitzwing finds them and invites them back to his place. Mix and Scrapper finish building the Spacebridge. Megatron inducts the two and were now the Constructicons. After a series of costly events, the Decepticons were defeated, the Autobots escaped, and the Constructicons stayed behind to save their precious oil while being buried alive.

Later, Bulkhead needed help repairing Sumdac Tower so he inlisted Mixmaster and Scrapper. The two were reluctant at first but they thought working was better than nothing. As they arrived, they found the newly created Dirt Boss, an extremely short Constructicon. Dirt Boss took over the group and had them capture oil so he could monoplize on it, Bulkhead managed to stop them however by sending the three to Dinobot Island when the oil tanker they were on was set ablaze and exploded afterwards.

However, Scrapper, at least, had survived the ordeal, but was unable to contact the other Constructicons. Human Error, Part II


  • It was confirmed at BotCon 2009 that the Constructicons (or at least one of them) were supposed to be confirmed as having survived the events of "Three's a Crowd" and "Endgame, Part II". However, due to time constraints, none of them made an appearance.
  • Not only that but in the scrapped fourth season, even booklets based on the elements of the fourth season revealed a solo episode, where the Constructicons would have returned along with an idea to fuse into Devastator.
  • In this episode, the constructicons were fighting for the energon in Detroit, it is unknown if Dirt Boss would have met Megatron and if they had made a deal or waged a senseless battle.
  • Devastator was supposed to be in the second season finale to battle Omega Supreme, but was cut, the same happened in the third and even Three's a crowd mirrored the so called combiner but was too little too late.
  • At least three new more constructicons would have appeared including a scene with Bulkhead combining as well.
  • The Constructicons have a lot in common with pigeons. John Mariano (voice of Dirt Boss) was the voice the Bobby the pigeon from Animaniacs and Jeff Bennett (voice of Mixmaster) did Frankie the pigeon in The Penguins of Madagascar (who also shares Mix's Brooklyn accent). It also should be noted that both Mariano and Bennett have voiced in Animaniacs.