Confident Me is a cologne developed by Graham Burns. It works at a molecular level to make whoever is wearing it more attractive. It even works on ants!


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Bugs in the System"

After Man Smell failed to grip Graham, he spent some time developing his own cologne and dubbed it Confident Me. The rest of his family were impressed by the scent, and it did make Graham more confident. Huxley Prescott was even drawn to interview him in preference to Kade following a fire at the bakery, though Boulder kept asserting that Graham didn't need the cologne to be confident. Confident Me turned out to be useful later when mutant metal-eating army ants were rampaging across town, as Blades and Dani used it to lure the ants back to their ant farm. Graham later got rid of the remaining cologne, realizing that it was too dangerous. Boulder pointed out that Heatwave had inadvertently washed the cologne off Graham earlier, and he'd never really needed it.

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