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Conehead is a tongue-in-cheek fan term for the Seekers that were released in 1985 - Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. Though the toys were virtually identical to the original Seekers, their animation models were given a distinctive transformation that left the jet nosecone pointing up, hence the nickname. Another change brought to the Coneheads is that their wings don't flip up to appear as part of the upper body, and instead seem to be part of their legs (however Thrust's still point upwards while still hinged to his hips). The animation models for the Conehead Seekers were designed by Floro Dery, whereas the season one Seekers were done primarily by Japanese designer Shōhei Kohara. The name "Conehead" is taken from an early "Saturday Night Live" sketch about a pointy-headed family from outer space France.


The Transformers cartoon

The Coneheads appeared in the second season, mostly as part of the Decepticon forces present. They generally appeared together, and alongside their fellow seekers. While aboard Astrotrain, all three Coneheads agreed with the proposition of Survival of the fittest. After the defeat of Unicron, they became the only main seekers left, as Thundercracker and Skywarp were thrown out, and Starscream was shot down by a vengeful Galvatron. Later on they would continue to serve the Decepticons and generally stayed together, or at least two of them did.

Note: When Unicron attacked Cybertron, all three Coneheads were seen flying into Unicron's mouth and then exploding, meaning they're dead. For whatever reason they all appeared in later episodes.

Transformers Animated

Swindle gave Ramjet (Animated) a cone shaped helmet, in order to tell him apart from Sunstorm. Decepticon Air

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